Talking About Filing Bankruptcy

Questions About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When the amount of your debt exceeds your ability to repay it, you can be left feeling overwhelmed. Many people go through financial hardships, and the government has designed various types of debt relief to help them through these situations. One common type of debt relief includes Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Here is a bit of […]

3 Common Types Of Personal Injury Suits

If you have been harmed by an entity, either out of negligence or reckless behavior, it might be the case that you can sue that person or institution under the category of a personal injury suit. However, not everyone knows when they might be entitled to collect damages through a personal injury case. Throughout the […]

Things To Try Before Filing For Bankruptcy

You want to make sure that you have tried everything you can in order to resolve your financial issues before you file for bankruptcy. To help make sure that you have done your best, you will want to take a few moments to review the following suggestions. Ask For A Repayment Plan Sure, most creditors […]

Is It True Bankruptcy Trustees Can Inspect Your Home?

When people file for bankruptcy, one common concern is the bankruptcy trustees will come to their homes to verify the information on their bankruptcy schedules is correct. The bankruptcy court functions on an honor system that assumes you’re being truthful about your assets and debts; so, generally, the trustee won’t bother confirming the accuracy of […]

Can You Stop A Wage Garnishment?

Ideally, you should take action before a wage garnishment is issued to stop the process. However, if it has already been ordered, you need to act quickly to avoid future actions from creditors. Here are three options you have available to you to stop the garnishment.  File for Bankruptcy For some people, a garnishment is […]